Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Rocks!

I'll have to admit, I haven't been posting for a while because I've been frustrated with the people I believe in. I was willing to be a good soldier and go along with John McCain even though I didn't support him in the primaries because he is a hero and he is not Osamabama. However, I wasn't very excited about our man. That was until the genius pick for Sarah Palin to be our next Vice President.

This woman is brilliant! Just look at how mad the libtards are about. The madder the libtards are about a canidate the better of a leader they will make. She's a religous conservative, an anti-corruption crusader, a courageous leader who is willing to truth to power, and more importantly she is one of us, a real American. She will make a great leader one day and she will make a great canidate today. She has been a political boom for McCain and guess what? Some people in the media actually like her.

Not everyone in the normally libtard propaganda machine (I mean the MSM) has been kind to her, but many have. Just look at how little coverage Osamabama is getting now that Palin is part of the ticket. The polls show that this is a genius move too. Sarah Palin has 80% approval ratings, higher than both McCain, Bush, and Osamabama! Talk about a renaissance lady. Sarah Palin does it all for America!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Keep Mandela on the Terrorist Watch List

I just read of an attempt in the U.S Congress to remove South African terrorist leader Nelson Mandela from the list that keeps tabs on such individuals. While this move might warm the hearts of some leftards, such as Sen. John Kerry who is leading the charge on this one, it will needlessly endanger the lives of millions of Americans. Mandela's career as a terrorist began with his founding of, Umkhonto we Sizwe, South Africa's equivalent of al-Quadea, and since his retirement has continued with advocacy on behalf of terrorist causes.

In his retirement Mandela has remained close to both Islamos and Communists. I could talk about his positions, but his own words provide a much better idea of where he stands then I could ever do. Here are some quotes from South Africa's Obama, I mean Osama:

"Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro. . .The Cuban revolution has been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people,"

"We consider ourselves to be comrades in arms to the Palestinian Arabs in their struggle for the liberation of Palestine. There is not a single citizen in South Africa who is not ready to stand by his Palestinian brothers in their legitimate fight against the Zionist racists,"

Doesn't he sound like a wanna be suicide bomber here?
"It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die,"

Mr. Mandela has also accused George W. Bush of racism for not following the orders of the U.N on Iraq.

Mr. Mandela has even has time to look out for the comforts of the poor old Islamo who was behind the Lockerbie Bombing.
"Megrahi is all alone', Mandela told a packed press conference in the prison's visitors room. 'He has nobody he can talk to. It is psychological persecution that a man must stay for the length of his long sentence all alone. It would be fair if he were transferred to a Muslim country,"

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Libtards Defined

I ran across this definition of libtard on Urban Dictionary and it I couldn't help but sharing it

As repetitive as it sounds, it stands for "liberal retard."

A libtard wants to live in a fantasy world (in which life is the way that they WISH IT WAS) as opposed to dealing with life the way it actually is.

(This explains the religious fervor that many of them demonstrate when it comes to smoking pot).

The most idealistic libtard envisions a time when science/technology and Socialism will eliminate all poverty, hunger, war, disease, injustice, unemployment and prejudice. (It is a nice pipe dream but human nature will forever stand in the way of that goal).

Most libtards subscribe to the notion that "people are basically good", and build their foundation for activism and "improving the human condition" on that faulty premise. Because they deny the facts about human nature, their "reasoning" is diametrically opposite to common sense (blue states vs. red states).

The reality that people have different initiative levels, are basically selfish, and often work for their own interests before helping others, puts a libtard's panties in a wad. So, when citizens will not voluntarily comply with various libtard prescriptions for "the common good", then laws must be passed, or force used, to MAKE them comply. (It is the gradual path to totalitarianism).

Likewise, his/her naïve cries of: "can't we all just get along?" and "there is nothing worth dying for" are red flags for anyone with a clue.

Metaphorically speaking, a libtard is a sheep who thinks that their grasp of diplomatic nuance or metaphysical sensitivity will prevent their flock from being devoured by the world's Islamic/Communist wolves. When America, the sheep dog, responds to wolf attacks, the libtard judges these defensive actions as offensive and wolfish.

Since libtards are unable to recognize our enemies for what they are, they cannot be trusted to safeguard our future.


In a large nutshell, a libtard's goal in life includes one or more of the following:

--the establishment of a Socialist "utopia" (a.k.a. a global nanny state)
--"benevolent" totalitarian control of the world's population through any means necessary
--ever increasing government micromanagement of private enterprise (a.k.a. clueless meddling)
--the adoption of laws, treaties and tax regulations that hinder America's competitiveness
--the usurpation of the legislative process, at all levels, through judicial fiat
--the filing of specious law suits in order to thwart the will of the people (e.g. Calif. Proposition. 187)
--the promotion of the tyranny of the minority
--the filing of specious law suits to shakedown corporations for cash (under the guise of "social responsibility")
--the disproportionate taxation of citizens "who have more money than they need"
--the redistribution of wealth from producers to non-producers (under the guise of "fairness")
--the banning and confiscation of all privately owned guns (even though it has lead to genocide)
--the abolition of all private property rights
--the destruction of all national sovereignty (America first, of course)
--the destruction of Capitalism
--the establishment of one religion (with no personal accountability), OR the abolition of all religion
--the appeasement of Islamic radicals and their American front groups like CAIR (see: Religion of Pieces)
--the regulation, or banning, of all opposition media (under the guise of "fairness")
--the appeasement of Communist dictators and their American front groups
--the further insertion of Socialist ideology and indoctrination into public school curricula
--the purposeful "dumbing down" of the masses through inane public school curricula and pedagogy
--mass thought control through "speech codes" and political correctness
--the further promulgation of the homosexual/pedophile agenda
--the teaching of HATE (superficially disguised as "Women's Studies", "African Studies", etc.)
--the legalization of marijuana ("far OUT, man")
--the establishment of world wide socialized medicine (under the guise of "fairness")
--the conservation of the environment over the conservation of the American economy
--the demonization of attempts to make English America’s national language
--world peace (which genocidal dictators define as: "the absence of conflict"--dead men cannot resist your brutal oppression)
--the conservation of the environment over the conservation of humanity
--the promotion of abortion as birth control, eugenics, and teaching the theory of evolution as fact (even though the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics precludes it from the get-go)
--the abolition of individual freedom

Not surprisingly, there is a thread of anti-Americanism that runs through these ideas. A libtard cannot stomach the idea that America, despite its faults, is the greatest country in the world. As such, he/she sees it as their duty to tarnish the country's current and past image using all available means including: cherry picking facts and using innuendo, half-truths, lies and fabrications (see: Rathergate).

Libtards’ actions undermine America's educational system, economy, criminal justice system, military personnel, sovereignty, security, and freedoms. Meanwhile, they try to fabricate a moral equivalence with rogue nations like China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Somalia and Sudan. (But don't question their patriotism).

NOTE TO ALL MALCONTENTS: If America is truly evil, please pick yourself a better country.

If the health care system in Cuba, Canada or Great Britain is superior to America's, then you are free to leave. If the crime rate in China, North Korea or the Magic Kingdom is so much lower, then you too are free to leave. Not enough hedonism for you? Then try Amsterdam, Bangkok or Tijuana.

If life in general is better in Sweden, The Netherlands or Switzerland then WHY are you still here??? You talk big, but you lack the courage of your convictions. So do humanity a favor--shut up and move away.

Otherwise get a real job, and get a life, because you obviously have WAY too much time on your hands.


Because most libtards are pantheists (New Agers), agnostics, atheists, liberal Jews, liberal Catholics, or have otherwise turned their backs on Jehovah, they lack true spiritual fulfillment. In order to try and fill that void, and "to make a difference", they work for the causes listed above. A pretty complete listing can be found at

A libtard will participate in protests, rallies, marches, bike rides, etc. in a feckless attempt to change whatever supposedly needs changing (see: muckadoo). Their desire to revisit the "glory" days of the 60's is sometimes a driving force. Regardless, the end result is usually the same: nothing actually changes.

But, since a libtard wants to be rated for his/her good intentions, versus actual results, they leave these activities with a feeling of success "because they have raised awareness" or "let their voices be heard." Post-protest gatherings often feature excessive drinking, drug abuse, and impromptu fornication to celebrate the "victory."

Because conservatives take responsibility for themselves and their children, have real jobs, under gird the economy, and value their time, their counter protesting is often negligible.

It is not that they don't care about their causes; they just understand that 1968 tactics are useless. Likewise, their sense of self worth does not come from how well they perform at work, or in life, but from a realization that they have been given a good and satisfying destiny that no one can take away.

With all of this in mind, may we NOW question a libtard's patriotism???

“You are listening to CNN, the Communist News Network.”

Anchorman: “Good morning, I’m E. Feet Liberal. Our top story, disastrous former mayor of Cleveland, Dennis Cucinich, has been appointed to head the newly created Department of Rainbows, Unicorns and Dandelions. When told of his appointment, Cucinich remarked,

‘As former ambassador to the Crab Nebula, I am looking forward to bringing my diplomatic expertise to the problem of terrorist, er, civilly challenged attacks on our planet. I even stopped by a gift shop on Alpha Centauri and bought a new pair of rose colored glasses!’

We now go to Chip Onner-Shoulder for a live report.”

Womyn Reporter: “Thanks E. Secretary Cucinich wasted no time in convening a meeting with top terrorist, er, civilly challenged leaders and their fellow travelers from CAIR. Among the items on the agenda were: convert to Islam or DIE, the institution of Shari’a, the obliteration of Israel, and bringing them the head of Jerry Springer on a stick. Let’s listen in.”

Cucinich: “There there Abdul, why don’t we all take a ten minute break and go to our ‘happy places’?”

Terrorist, er, Civilly Challenged heathen: “You're a clueless libtard. Death to those who insult Islam!”

Cucinich: “Now now Abdul, I know that the civilly challenged have legitimate grievances, but America has a Band-Aid big enough for any third world boo boo. Hey what’s that under your dirty nightshirt?”


Womyn Reporter: “Oh my Gaia! That man just detonated an explosive vest. He must have been a Mossad agent. I’ll try and get a comment from CAIR’s spokeswhore. Excuse me sir, was this the work of Israeli intelligence?”

CAIR Spokeswhore: “Of course it was you decadent whore! And how dare you show your ankle in public! Now kneel down and receive your beating.”

Womyn Reporter: “But I thought Islam was the Religion of Peace!”

CAIR Spokeswhore: “It IS. And if you call us violent, we’ll kill you!”

Womyn Reporter: “Can we stand in a circle and sing Kumbayah?”

CAIR Spokeswhore: (smacks forehead) “ALLAH no!”

Womyn Reporter: “Can’t we all just get along?”

CAIR Spokeswhore: “Yes, when you’re dead.”

Womyn Reporter: (backing up) “Stay away from me you seventh century, scum-sucking pig dog, and put DOWN that scimitar! Hellllp!”

Anchorman: “Chip! Chip are you still there? Well, we seem to be having some technical difficulties with Chip’s mic.

In other news, the Sierra Club is lobbying Congress to develop wind-powered commuter jets. Club spokeswhore Molly ‘Bean Sprout’ Jones commented, ‘They’re already up in the air; so what’s the difficulty?’”

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Clear Voice

In today's world it is hard to find a lucid voice when it comes to climate change. Almost everyone, it seems, has got the global warming bug. Its depressing to see how quickly everyone is willing to go along with pseudoscience just because they are told to. Anyone who even questions global warming, anyone who even points out that the Earth's temperature is at a record low is demonized almost instantly as a lunatic. That is why it is refreshing to hear the words of Czech. President Václav Klaus who has had the courage to tell the world that the Emperor has no clothes.

"Global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so."

Klaus recently published an article in which he completely destroyed the global warming movement. In this brilliant work Klaus completely discredits the "science" behind global warming and even has the courage to warn the world of the similarities between the Nazi ecopolicy and the one advocated by the global warming fanatics. The major lesson of Klaus's work is that freedom loving people must realize that global warming and its doomsday scenarios are only scare tactics designed to get scare us into sacrificing our free market freedoms. This latest article is a must read for anyone interested in learning the real story about global climate change.

Terrorists can't be apeased

In a clear shot at democrat Presidential candidate Barak Hussein Obama's policy of meeting with terrorist regimes President George W. Bush told the Israeli Knesset:
Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American Senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is -- the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history

Well said Mr. President! Terrorists cannot be negotiated with they have no interests that can be appealed to. Their only goal is death and destruction. Terrorists cannot be appeased they can be destroyed or they can be submitted to. The choice of the vast majority of freedom loving Americans is clear, the terrorists should be treated as the criminals they are and not dignified as some sort of honorable foe. However, for some from the democrat party, some who obviously haven't bothered to learn from history, submission is the way to go. I couldn't disagree more. This nation needs tough courageous leaders to keep it safe, people like John McCain who know the value of sacrifice. What this nation does not need is some elitist snob who's never served in a war, who has no heritage in this country, and who looks up to some hate mongering bigot to be President. A Barak Hussein Obama Presidency is a disaster waiting to happen and every American realizes it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

In most countries traitors are shot, in America they are democrats

Above we have Barak Hussein Obama during the pledge, Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison taking the oath of office on the Koran, Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro sharing s special moment, Nancy Pelosi meeting with the Syrian dictator, Bill Richardson meeting with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and Jimmy Carter laying a wreath on the tomb of Palestinian terrorist leader Arafat.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Keep Law-abiding Citizens Safe

In 1960 a 22 year-old clerk named John Pigot was murdered in a robbery. While awaiting trial for the murder he would later plead guilty to Norman Porter shot and killed a guard at the Middlesex jail. After this murder Porter escaped and was not recaptured robbing a New Hampshire store. He again then received two consecutive life sentence. Another criminal locked up for life, case closed right? Wrong! While in prison Porter earned a college degree and had his sentences commuted by then Gov. Michael Dukakis. He was then transferred to a pre-release center where he was allowed to sign out for walks as he pleased! One day this convicted murderer signed out and never signed back in. A few felonies and ten years later Porter was reprehended in Chicago.

There is no better example of why we need the death penalty: to eliminate rouges and keep productive members of society safe. We need the death penalty to eliminate murders before they can kill again, but we also need it to deter prospective murders. The death penalty doesn't stop every lunatic, but it does make them think twice before they take someone else's life. This is a fact backed up by major research and is not something to be denied.

Some people think that murderers can be rehabilitated. Some people want to coddle up to murders and let them rot in prison at our expense. This is about the dumbest approach to crime ever envisioned. Being soft on crime is not going to make things better. Getting tough on crime will. If you murder someone you should be killed in exactly the same way that you killed your victim. Who cares about whether or not that is cruel and unusual? The innocent victim didn't get a trial or a peaceful death why should the guilty killer? That's just common sense.